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JUNE 19-21, 2024


About IAEE

The International Association for Education in Ethics was established in 2011 to promote ethics teaching in a wide range of disciplines. The Association will bring together all persons interested in ethics education. Many areas of ethics education will be covered. It is now possible to join the Association. [more]

IAEE Membership

Individual membership is open to individuals who are interested in or who would like to dedicate themselves to the realization of the Society’s aims. Institutional membership is open to institutions or organizations that are willing to support the aims of the society. Join us and be a part of IAEE.

Benefits of IAEE membership

A member is entitled to a reduced registration fee at our annual conferences in different parts of the globe.

A member is also given an electronic subscription to the International Journal of Ethics Education.

Latest News

  • Condolences

    We regretfully inform our members of the death of IAEE President Professor Leonardo De Castro, who has been a great inspiration and encourager of global…

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  • Future Conferences

    13th Conference, Bangalore, India, 12-14 June 2025. 14th Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-27 June 2026.

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  • 12th International Conference On Ethics Education

    The 12th International Conference on Ethics Education will be held in Mexico City, Mexico from 19th to 21st June, 2024. https://www.anahuac.mx/mexico/CADEBI/12th-international-conference-ethics-education Please contact Dr. David…

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  • Call for Abstract 12th Conference

    The 12th International Conference on Ethics Education will take place at Anahuac University North Campus in Mexico City, Mexico from June 19-21, 2024. The objective is to…

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International Journal for Ethics Education

The International Journal for Ethics Education provides a global platform for exchange of research data, theories, experiences, reports and opinions on ethics education in a broad range of areas of applied ethics. [more]

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