2023 General Assembly

Zagreb June 16, 2023 5pm-5.45pm, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ivan Lućić Street no,3, Hall D-5

Present: Henk ten Have, Berna Arda, Joris Gielen, Ercan Avci, Renzo Pegoraro, Luciana Caenazzo, Ana Borovecki, Eimantas Peicius, Daniel Hurst, Jason Eberl, David Dominguez, Telma Facanha, Sabina Girotto, Kiarash Aramesh, Jos Welie

1  Draft report General Assembly 2022

The draft report was approved without changes.

2  Finances and activities including approval of financial report of 2022

Prior to the General Assembly, the financial report of 2022 had been sent to the members through email. This report had been reviewed and approved by the financial committee (Renzo Pegoraro and Claude Verges). Renzo Pegoraro listed the beginning ($10,922.17) and ending balance ($11,772.32). The report was approved without changes.

3  Appointment of a financial commission

Renzo Pegoraro and Claude Verges had been nominated by the board to continue. No other nominations had been received. The General Assembly appointed Renzo Pegoraro and Claude Verges as members of the financial commission for 2023.

4  International Journal for Ethics Education

285 submissions have been received since the start of the Journal. 48% has been accepted. Daniel Hurst asked whether the journal can be indexed in PubMed. Henk ten Have explained that this is up to the publisher and he has been reminding Springer about PubMed and the Impact Factor.

5  Membership

Due to COVID, the membership of the association declines from around 100 to around 30. Membership has grown again to around 50. There are now four institutional members, which gives a more stable basis for members. Henk ten Have appealed to the members to be active in increasing the membership numbers. Ercan Avci provided more information on the diversity of the membership with members coming from 26 countries. Jos Welie asked about the benefits of being a member, which are access to the journal and reduction of the conference registration fee. Henk ten Have informed the members about the Board’s idea to become engaged in the development of position statements related to the conferences. Jos Welie said that the Association may be able to offer discounts on activities organized by affiliated organizations. Jason Eberl said it is important to more broadly advertise the conference. Other members concurred to that. Renzo Pegoraro highlighted the importance of updating the website.

6  Annual dues

The Board proposes to increase the individual membership fees to $75 and the institutional membership fee to $350. Dues for people with low income will remain at $25. The proposal has been approved.

7  Website

The Board solicited and received three bids for the website. Out of these three bids, a website developer from India was chosen. This website developer has, also, developed the website the Indian Association for Palliative Care. Jos Welie emphasized the importance of making sure that the developer turns over the website to the Association so that the Association is not dependent upon the company. Joris Gielen confirmed that this will be the case.

8  Election of treasurer and secretary

The term of office for Joris Gielen as Secretary/Treasurer will expire at the end of 2023. The board proposes to split the responsibilities of Secretary and Treasurer, and to nominate Ercan Avci as Secretary and Joris Gielen as Treasurer. Other candidates could be nominated by members with the support of at least 10% of the membership (according to Bylaws art. 10.2). The Secretariat received no nominations prior to the General Assembly. The appointments were confirmed by the General Assembly.

9  Next conference

The 12th International Conference on Ethics Education will take place in Mexico City, June 19-21, 2024. The organizing team from Mexico City presented the theme, location, date, theme, call for abstracts, and website of the conference.

10  Future conferences

The Association received two proposals for future conferences. The proposal from Bangalore, India, 12-14 June 2025 was approved. The team from Amsterdam presented their proposal to host the 14th Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 25-27, 2026. The proposal was approved.

11  A.O.B.

No other business.