2024 General Assembly

International Association for Education in Ethics

General Assembly

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2024

Time: 18:00 – 19:00 

Venue: Anahuac University, Mexico City, Mexico

Participants: Henk ten Have, Joris Gielen, Ercan Avci, Berna Arda, Luciana Caenazzo, Renzo Pegoraro, Telma Rejane Facanha, David Cerdio Domínguez, Colleen Gallagher, Peter Osuji, Jos Welie, Alberto García Gómez, Necmettin Çetin, and Antonio Cabrera.


1- The draft report of the 2023 General Assembly was approved.

2- The 2023 Financial report was approved.

3- Renzo Pegoraro and Claude Verges were appointed to the 2024 Financial Committee.

4- Dr. ten Have informed the members about the IAEE’s new website, and the members expressed their satisfaction with it. 

5- Dr. ten Have informed the members about the continuing achievements of the International Journal for Ethics Education.

6- The members decided not to make any changes to annual dues.

7- Dr. ten Have informed the members about the preparations for the 13th Conference in Bangalore, India, 12-14 June 2025. The call for abstracts will be announced soon.

8- Dr. ten Have informed the members about the preparations for the 14th Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-27 June 2026

9- The proposal for the conference in 2027 in Madrid, Spain was accepted.

10- The proposal for the IAEE Latin-American chapter was discussed, and although the members appreciated the idea, the proposal could not be pursued at this stage because the bylaws currently do not offer that provision. However, the board will explore the possibility of adding a representative from Latin America to the board as a regional officer to coordinate regional activities and collaborate among the members in Latin America.

11- The members decided to appoint David Cerdio Domínguez, Colleen Gallagher, and Alberto García Gómez as the Membership Committee Members to explore ideas for increasing the number of members. The Committee will submit its report to the Board of Directors by December 31, 2024.