2015 General Assembly

2015 General Assembly

IAEE General Assembly, 17th September 2015, Curitiba, Brazil, 7:30-8:30 pm

Approved by General Assembly, May 26, 2016, Logrono, Spain.


Board Members: Berna Arda (chair), Volnei Garrafa, Henk ten Have (apologies from Paul Ndebele, Leo de Castro, Bert Gordijn, Bahaa Darwish and Dafna Feinholz).

Participants: Mark Answine (USA), Luis Canario (Dominican Republic), Necmettin Cetin (Turkey), Braam Hoffmann (South Africa), Claude Verges (Panama), Luis Vivanco (Spain), Murat Yildiz (Turkey).

Draft agenda for the assembly approved at 7:30 pm

1. Draft report of General Assembly of 22nd May 2014: approved

2. Financial reports 2014

  • On behalf of the Financial Committee, Claude Verges reported that the Committee has checked the financial report and have found them in order. A written statement of the Committee has been forwarded to the Board.
  • The financial report for 2014 has been approved. The ending balance is $ 10,326.90.

3. Appointment of Financial Committee 2015

Renzo Pegoraro and Claude Verges have been re-elected as members of the 2015 Financial Committee. They will report on the finances of 2015 to the General Assembly in 2016.

4. International Journal for Ethics Education

The Board explained the proposal to include electronic subscription of the new journal in the membership of IAEE, starting in 2016 with 2 annual issues. The cost for inclusion is 15 USD which can be covered in the current membership fee structure. The journal will be the official journal of IAEE, inviting members to elaborate conference presentations in manuscript submissions for the journal. The journal will not publish conference proceedings or abstracts. The proposal was approved.

5. Annual dues

The Assembly decided not to change the dues in 2016. For next year the membership fees will therefore be:

  • institutional members: $250
  • individual members: $ 50
  • if annual income is lower than $15,000, the membership fee is $20.

Since the journal subscription will be included in the membership fee, a stricter policy will be followed with removal of non-paying members from the membership list.

6. Fourth conference in Logroño, Spain, May 2016

Dr Vivanco explained the preparations for the conference. The call for abstracts can be launched soon after the close of the current conference. The conference website will be open on October 1. Deadline for abstracts will be 1 December 2015, so that participants will receive notification of acceptance before the end of 2015 and a preliminary program can be made early in 2016.

7. Fifth conference in Mangalore, India, November 2017

The time for the conference has now been determined: 15-17 November 2017.

8. Time and place for scholarly meeting for 2018

Two proposals to host the 2018 conference have been received: one for Stellenbosch, South Africa; another one for Porto, Portugal. Dr Braam Hoffmann explained the proposal for South Africa and showed a video of the location and facilities. The General Assembly discussed both proposals and voted for the South African proposal. An invitation will be forwarded to the membership to submit proposals for the 2019 conference to be discussed in the General Assembly of 2016.

9. Any other business


Meeting adjourned at 8:30